Our seafarers, our responsibility

Our company employs over 20,000 seafarers and the Fleet Personnel department is essential for their well-fare. We handle the selection, recruitment, placement, promotion and training of our seafarers on board Full Managed and Crew Managed ships.

Join the adventure of helping and understanding offshore employees. Provide HR services which include crew changing, monitoring and evaluating performance for our Seafarers. Ensure that the professional standards required from seagoing staff are constantly monitored and in line with marine regulations.

As a new member, you have the chance to meet and support colleagues that spend most of their days on ships. The amount of experiences and discussions you can have with a seafarer is just a glimpse of what you view on social media. We want you to bring your team-spirit, originality and energy and become a part of a global network.

Recent Graduate Positions in Fleet Personnel

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