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Be the compass and orient our seafarers

Our company employs over 20,000 seafarers and the Fleet Personnel department is essential for their well-fare. We handle the selection, recruitment, placement, promotion and training of our seafarers on board Full Managed and Crew Managed ships.

Join the scene of cooperation and recognition of our offshore colleagues who tame the ocean. Provide HR services which include crew changing, monitoring and evaluating performance for our Seafarers. Ensure that the professional standards required from seagoing staff are constantly monitored and in line with marine regulations.

You have the chance to meet, support and encourage colleagues that are onboard vessels. The amount of experiences and discussions you can exchange with a seafarer are limitless. As an experienced individual you understand the importance of teamwork and appreciation in a workplace. Understanding the needs of your colleagues and addressing them will give you the essence of belonging in our great family.