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Take new challenges, reach new heights

Join the Schulte Group, an organization that will recognise your potential and knowledge while offering competitive opportunities for career growth. The experience of over 135 years in shipping and the strong presence we have as a company in the industry, is the result of having dedicated, innovative and talented colleagues.

As a mature and determined individual, we offer you the necessary instruments to diversify your skills, share your knowledge and flourish in a variety of different career paths.

Our focus is the innovation of processes and technology to continuously improve the way we work, leading the maritime community towards a more sustainable and bright future. To accomplish this, the Schulte Group needs a variety of skills and knowledge, which you are a part of.

Explore the essential departments of the company to find the place you belong to, where you can continue your professional journey with us.


The main role of the Management in BSM, is to develop strategic objectives for …



The role of the Finance department is to process the financial transactions of both …


Fleet Management

The role of the Fleet Management department is to ensure that the Technical and Marine …


Fleet Personnel

Our company employs over 20,000 seafarers and the Fleet Personnel department is …


Human Resources

The Human Resources department is responsible for the strategic management and …


Insurance And Claims

The Insurance and Claims department main focus is to provide claims handling and …


Information Technology

The IT department is responsible of a variety of infrastructure projects in-line …


Loss Prevention, Safety And Quality

The LPSQ department’s main role is to ensure that shipboard and office operations follow …



The Communications department is vital to getting the word out about the Schulte Group’s …