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The Insurance and Claims department main focus is to provide claims handling and track all insurance rules and regulations. It acts as a main support for the company’s customers and personnel for insurance claims and legal matters, while covering a wide range of the Schulte Group’s services.

Join the team and meet experienced people capable of managing and handling all types of claims from the very beginning an incident occurs to the final stage. Collaborate with top insurers to resolve problems for clients and colleagues, to relieve them from pressure. Being a self-organised and punctual individual will help you and the company reach new heights and redefine customer satisfaction, in terms of insurance and claims matters.

Join as a bright and creative individual which can facilitate our cooperation between current clients to provide the best support. We always evaluate our processes and updating them to lead the industry with innovation and efficiency, hence, to succeed experienced and perceptive people are our backbone. That is why your contribution as a professional could bring different perspectives and actions to the company to continue leading the maritime industry.

Recent Professional Positions in Insurance and Claims

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