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Identify new challenges and solve them

The LPSQ department’s main role is to ensure that shipboard and office operations follow international and national regulations, such as, ISM, ISO and industry standards. Managing, planning and investigating are part of other duties, regarding the Company’s Quality Document Management System, auditing and advising ships and offices about new regulations.

Learn everything about the company, in this department, while working in every aspect . Find an inquisitive environment, where questions can be asked and answered frequently. Join the opportunity of working in a wide spectrum of sectors within the maritime industry through one department. Evaluate numeric or text data, investigate accidents and keep the company up to date.

Bring your enthusiasm, team spirit and critical thinking to help our continuous growth. Fresh ideas, curiosity to learn and a sense of professionalism, is always welcome and we offer a variety of development opportunities and career journeys. Being an experience professional, you can bring valuable knowledge and new methods of problem-solving. Joining this department can offer great exposure to extensive information and collaboration with different global departments.