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Start building towards professional success

Here at Schulte Group, we are always looking for talented young professionals to join one of the world’s largest industries, maritime. Our undergraduate programmes have been designed to guide young students through stimulating challenges and mentorship.

We are an integrated maritime solutions provider with over 2,000 Staff on Shore and 20,000 Seafarers on board. We operate in over 30 locations globally and offer 15 complementary maritime solutions.

Grab the chance to enter our available programs for undergraduates, to experience and understand how an organization operates. Implement and practice your knowledge in exciting projects, to build confidence around the work environment.

Explore targeted programmes that were created to serve as a stepping-stone for your professional career journey. Work closely with industry experts create business relationships and gather valuable tips and hints that will help you in your future career.

Year-Round Internship

As an intern, you won’t just spend your time doing administration. You’ll work with our valuable business experts to gain practical, hands-on experience which can prepare you for the industry once you graduate.


Summer Training

As a trainee, this is an important experience to prepare you professionally, and to get a taste of how a company operates. You will have the opportunity to meet experienced and fresh professionals, to form early business relationships.


Work Placement

How often do we learn something in class and question ourselves – when am I ever going to us that in real life? This program intends to condition students towards becoming well-rounded, global professionals through a combination of learning techniques.