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Enter our ship for your journey to success

You waved goodbye to your treasured professors and finally achieved graduating from those long learning classes. Are you ready to take the next step into the world?

At Schulte Group, we welcome people of all genders, ethnicities and backgrounds that are willing to join the company and thrive. You will be a part of a global family-owned business, that cares and acknowledges your personal aspirations. You are now the captain of what your future will be like and we are the providers of the vessel to reach your vision.

Join a global network of companies that offer a wide range of maritime services. We can enable you to work with business partners, customers and regulatory bodies to deliver safe, efficient and reliable services. To accomplish this, we need a diverse pool of skills and knowledge, which you are a part of.

We welcome new graduates on a global scale, encouraging and helping them in reaching their full potential. Explore the different departments you can join and uncover the beauty of working within the maritime industry.

Schulte Group Trainee Program

We are offering a comprehensive, tailor-made two year Management Trainee Program to young professionals …


BSM Traineeship

Ever wondered what a career in Maritime looks like? …



The role of the Finance department is to process the financial transactions of both …


Fleet Management

The role of the Fleet Management department is to ensure that the Technical …


Fleet Personnel

Our company employs over 20,000 seafarers and the Fleet Personnel department is …


Human Resources

The Human Resources department is responsible for the strategic management …


Insurance And Claims

The Insurance and Claims department’s main focus is to provide claims handling and track all …


Information Technology

The IT department is responsible for a variety of infrastructure projects in-line …


Loss Prevention, Safety And Quality

The LPSQ department’s main role is to ensure that shipboard and office operations …



How The Schulte Group’s business and what we do, is directly showcased through the Communications …