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Promote your words through actions

The Communications department is vital in getting the word out about the Schulte Group’s business and what it does. We are in charge of the overall reputation of our company. Delivering a consistent company message across all channels is one of our main roles, which serves as the public voice of the company, creating campaigns that lead to positive brand awareness.

We work closely with other departments to ensure we understand the dynamics of the Schulte Group’s business and the information it needs to communicate.

Our main role as the Communications department is to establish all of the Schulte Group’s brands and promote its suite of services through creative solutions that are appropriate for all channels, such as digital, public relations, events, and advertising.

Our team strategizes what methods of external and internal communication work best for the Schulte Group and implements these strategies through the help of a global communications network, driven by the team.

If you have a way with words and enjoy talking with different groups of people, you are welcome for one of the roles of the Communications department. We are always looking for passionate individuals with attention to detail, a strategic mindset and that can find effective and creative solutions that make a difference in the maritime industry.

Recent Professional Positions in Communications